Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Last week RTE 2FM's Will Leahy Show had a clairvoyant or 'medium' on the show. During the segment, which you can find here via the 'Listen Back' link (28th April 2010, approx 17:15) a caller asked the medium if she could 'talk' to her dead daughter. "How old was your daughter when she died?" asked the medium, or charlatan as I will now call her. "18" came the response. "Ah... yes... it was a tragic death, wasn't it?..." and with that statement of the bleeding obvious from beyond the grave we were off.

It was a disgusting piece of radio - my blood was boiling and my wife told me afterwards she has rarely seen me so furious. I wrote a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, who were quick to dismiss my complaint on the grounds that no standards had been broken, that "the broadcaster retains editorial rights over who they do or do not have on a programme, this includes mediums" (which at least cleared up the question as to what the plural of 'medium' is in this context).

So I decided to contact RTE and the Will Leahy Show directly instead:

Dear Show,

Following your decision to invite a medium onto your show last Wednesday 28th April, during which you deemed it appropriate to broadcast a grieving mother being deluded into believing she could speak to her dead daughter via the medium live on air, I was hoping you could invite the medium back on to your show this week. I, and many of your listeners I'm sure, would love to hear her channel the voice of your recently deceased colleague, Gerry Ryan. A 'Ryan Line' from beyond the grave, if you will. Or does that somehow sound inappropriate right now?

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