Saturday, January 16, 2010


So, since September...

Getting married - funny how some people reacted to how we did our wedding. More than one person carried an attitude that, because we didn't have the standard hotel reception, the marriage itself was somehow less worthy. Ah well, I suppose it was a bit much to expect everyone to get it.

Honeymoon - went to California - San Francisco, Russian River and Santa Barbara. Loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Stag in Munich - my stag was a week after my honeymoon. Oktoberfest is just mental. End of.

Thierry Henry - I'm not over it. Still. Though the FAI tried their damned best to make me forget about it through shame. Still, though, what a bastard.

Lisbon II - Good. Yes running it a second time was farcical. But the fact remains that the failure of Lisbon I was nothing to do with the content of the Treaty, it was as a result of the scaremongering of catholic fundamentalists, wannabe Trots and anti-everything attention seekers. They got beaten at their own game second time around.

Dundalk FC - Easily secured fifth place. Imagine what we could have achieved if we played football with 11 men.

Liverpool - What. The. Fuck.

Boring Munster - Just when I thought it was safe to leave the house they go and 'do a Boring Munster' against an injury plagued French side.

Climate Change - If I hear one more retard make a 'so much for your global warming' joke because it's been colder than normal for three weeks I'll probably smash them one.

Nordies - Paedos to the left, whores to the right. There they are, stuck in the middle of fools.

Gaelgóirí - Still writing their NIMBY whackjob letters to the papers.

The Budget - Kinda surprised they left Private Sector workers entirely alone, but I won't complain. NAMA is an utter joke, however. I love reading

Shares - I got greedy in November when I should have bailed out of MAN Group at £3.70 and bagged an 87% profit. Instead I held on til they went ex-dividend and they have since fallen back to £2.98. I sold out of my Eurostoxx, which have been flat since, and bought ENI and France Telecom with the proceeds. The former is slightly up, the latter is slightly down.

Music - Christ, there has been so little worth listening to. 2008 and 2009 were mostly awful for albums. The mainstream stuff seems to consist entirely of non-descript solo female artists while the Indie stuff just seems to be getting more and more experimental. I bought Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors because of their reviews and both are very inaccessible records. Friendly Fires, Passion Pit and Hockey are pretty much the only new bands from the last 18 months that I can get my head around. I was delighted, though, with RATM getting the Christmas No. 1. I still love that album. Even the best efforts of asshole journalists pulling the contrary 'let's read far too much into this for the sake of it' stunt didn't ruin the hilarity for me.

That'll do for now, I suppose.
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