Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This article by Ben Goldacre is well worth reading, as are the links. Although any parent who would let a chiropracter... manipulate... their child should probably have the child taken off them

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All I Want Is U2

So I chose to miss the Dublin U2 270 gigs. Didn't suit me to go, really, and Paris was a tremendous high I didn't wan to ruin, just in case...

But these videos make me think it really was something special up there...

Career Opportunities

There has just been a bloke on the radio talking about his new business -

Is there anyone in this country capable of developing a new business that isn't just a bloody website?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Complete Control

The Daily Mail - the paper whose daily existence is pre-occupied by immigrants, house prices and all the things in the world that will either kill or cure you.

And so today we have:
'Do you ever feel as if The Authorities are doing their damnedest to scare us all to death?... When raising the threat alert for swine flu from level four to five in April, Margaret Chan, head of the World Health Organisation, declared that 'all of humanity is under threat'...

'While sadly, at the time of writing, 31 people have died in the UK after contracting the virus, as many as 29 of them had other underlying, life-threatening conditions. That means there have been as few as two deaths solely caused by the swine flu virus. Two! T. W. O. Six thousand people die from normal flu every year in Britain.'

Ah those dastardly, irresponsible, scaremongering 'Authorities'.

Apropos of not much, here's a headline from The Daily Mail on May 1: 'How swine flu could be a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear warfare.'

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Safe European Home

Another example of a 'culture' that should be left to bygone ages and has no place in a civilised world - those cultures who regard women/little girls that have been raped as having brought shame on a family. Disgusting.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Complete Control

There was a big hoo-ha in the media this week about Ireland's minimum wage being cut as a result of comments made at an economics think-in in Donegal... except the minimum wage was not discussed at all beyond questions put by the media. Quelle surprise

If God Will Send His Angels

Having a blasphemy law enacted is a national embarrassment. Nobody should be free from ridicule - particularly those who believe in the concept of blasphemy. I'm pretty much agnostic about the existence of God, but I definitely do not believe that people who invoke His name know any more about His existence than I do and have any right to tell me what I can and cannot say about what they believe.

Ahern claims the constitution requires it... well so what? It's about bloody time that 1930s, DeV inspired, backward, conservative nonsense was ripped up and re-written from scratch.

On the other hand I have no objection to the use non-jury trials where juries could be intimidated or otherwise compromised. Prosecutions rest on evidence. The idea that justice is always better served when twelve random citizens are asked to assess the evidence is idealistic and wrong-headed in my view.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Silver And Gold

I don't think of the recommendations of An Bord Snip Nua as cuts, I think of them as a selection of things we need to choose if we want to borrow more money for them or not, on top of the money we already have to borrow.

In that context I find it quite easy to agree with most of them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If this report is right there's gonna be a whole pile of people suddenly realising that homeopathy and assorted 'traditional' medicines are a whole pile of useless cack.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All I Want Is U2

The gig in Paris was fantastic - pretty much from start to finish.

New tracks Breathe, No Line on the Horizon and Magnificent were all excellent, while Get On Your Boots is an infinitely better song played live. The old favourites were class as usual and seeing Unforgettable Fire and, in particular, Ultraviolet live was fantastic.

U2 'in the round' also worked very well - the stage is architecturally very impressive and the people in the farthest away seats all seemed very happy. Some difference from being 150 yards away in Croke Park four years ago.

The break to talk to the ISS seems pointless, though, and In A Little While was used as an opportunity to take a whizz and get a drink. My main gripe, however, was that the utterly rank Unknown Caller, with the worst lyrics the band have ever put to paper is clearly some sort of new stadium anthem as far as the band is concerned - even talking about it in the programme. They need to be disavowed of that notion soon.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Complete Control

Robert Fisk, a journalist I have little or no respect for. In his latest piece in the London Independent he whinges about 'poisonous clichés'.

To illustrate his point he says '...the Israeli secret police – who also torture and murder – tend to be "elite" or (my favourite) "second to none".'

Really? You hear a lot about Israel, but I've never heard that. Admittedly Google isn't an ideal barometer but still, try googling 'Israeli secret police, second to none'. The ONLY reference in there that puts those phrases together is Fisk's own line from the article. Is it used? Possibly. A cliché? Nonsense. But it got some anti-Israeli kicks into a meandering article about pretty much nothing so the primary objective was served.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

In A Lifetime

"A human lifespan is less than a thousand months long" he says.

Hmmm, never thought of it that way...

I want to live for 1,000 months. October 15th, 2060 is the target. I'll throw a party when I make it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Armagideon Time

'Pakistan ships attack Taliban' goes the headline.

'Huh'? goes I, trying to picture an atlas in my head then wondering if Warren Terror (nearly 8 now) has gone to play in the sea off Karachi.

Then I discover they mean helicopters. Memo to whoever: helicopters, unlike ships, rarely float on water.

Silver And Gold

How to have the crap scared out of you in approx five minutes.
"While everyone else in Ireland has come to see the past decade as an embarrassing episode of collective insanity to be put behind us as soon as possible, the Government still sees it as the high point of our nation’s history."
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