Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All I Want Is U2

This, apparently, is the set-list from the first night in Barcelona... and it's CLASS!!!

No Line on the Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful DaY
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Angel of Harlem
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding LIghts
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

Sunday, June 28, 2009

If Music Could Talk

To my eternal shame I have a soft spot for some of Phil Collins' music. I know. Anyway, with all the talk about the Thriller video, I remembered that this video captured my imagination like no other as a child:

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night RTE News reporting on the reaction to Michael Jackson's death cut to a piece about the reaction from fellow celebrities. For some reason, then, Aerosmith's drummer was one of those giving his two cents.

Anyway he came out with the following gem: "He wasn't just unique, he was above and beyond that - he was one of a kind..."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Somebody Got Murdered

More poor buggers who are the innocent victims of backward 'cultures' that are a stain on the human race...
"Villagers, many straight from their farms, and armed with machetes, sticks and axes, are shouting and crowding round in a big group in Kenya's fertile Kisii district.

I can't see clearly what is going on, but heavy smoke is rising from the ground and a horrible stench fills the air.

More people are streaming up the hill, some of them with firewood and maize stalks.

Suddenly an old woman breaks from the crowd, screaming for mercy. Three or four people go after her, beat her and drag her back, pushing her onto - what I can now see - is a raging fire.

I was witnessing a horrific practice which appears to be on the increase in Kenya - the lynching of people accused of being witches.

I personally saw the burning alive of five elderly men and women in Itii village."

Sunday, June 21, 2009


More of it on Friday.

As the anti-Shell whackjobs continue to move the goalposts in their opposition to the Corrib gasfield the Irish Times published an opinion piece by an Andy Storey who lectures on 'political economy and international development' at University College Dublin.

It's a dreadful piece...
"An international study in 2002 found that the vast majority of multinational oil and gas companies pay other countries proportionately twice the amount that the Government is extracting from the Shell-led consortium that is exploiting the Corrib gas field...

"Under previous terms, the Irish State would have held a 50 per cent shareholding in any oil or gas discovery, and the extracting company would have had to pay royalties of at least 8 per cent as well as tax at 50 per cent. Those terms were progressively relaxed during the 1980s and 1990s (most notably when Ray Burke was minister for energy) to the extent that economist and journalist Colm Rapple now describes them as “decidedly soft by international standards”.

"The Government claims that the favourable terms are worth it to ensure energy security, but there is no necessity for Shell to sell the gas to Irish consumers...

"The Corrib gas deal could be renegotiated on the basis of breaches of environmental law, and abuses of human rights perpetrated by Shell and its partners. For example, in 2007 Shell engaged in unauthorised drilling on a protected habitat in north Mayo, breaching the European Communities (Natural Habitats) Regulations. Shell’s private security agents have been accused of assaulting Willie Corduff, a middle-aged local farmer, and of sinking the boat of a local fisherman. (The company has denied both accusations.)

"The Government should immediately suspend the Corrib project and it should only be allowed resume if local people do not have to live with a high-pressure pipeline carrying unrefined gas through their community and if the Irish people receive a substantially larger share of the revenues."

Kind of reminds me of this:

Mr. Burns and Fidel Castro - Click here for more amazing videos

It's very obvious what Storey is at here. Apart from obviously taking the lies of the likes of Willie Corduff at face value, he mentions Ray Burke to conjure up the image of state corruption and creates a straw man by saying that the government claimed "that the favourable terms are worth it to ensure energy security."

That is nonsense. A general history of oil and gas exploration off Ireland's coasts - a history of failure - can be found here. The terms were made more favourable to encourage the oil majors to explore our coastlines - pure and simple. During the 1980s it was a struggle to sell exploration licences at all and that, when we did, it felt like a bankrupt nation was winning the Lotto, at a time of massive cutbacks. It's obviously too much to expect people to remember that otherwise the guy wouldn't get away with rewriting history.

We may have had to cash in our chips then and, yes, twenty years later you'd wonder if it was worth it. But the gamble was taken by a private company. What if we had the flipside arrangement - that we sold licences for megabucks and royalties but the cost of every dud well drilled would be refunded in full? Just imagine what the reaction would have been in the '80s if hospitals and schools were being closed at an even greater rate than they already were because the state was, literally, sinking millions into the Atlantic? Can you begin to imagine what the usual suspects would have said back then? Multiply a sniggering Joe Duffy calling the M50 a waste of money by a thousand.

We might have a fairly trashed reputation at the moment, but what FDI could we ever hope to have if the State was seen to so blatantly tear up a contract. Basically the guy wants to engage in a bit of state-sponsored Putin-esque piracy. As entertaining as the Russians are when they do this sort of thing, we are in no position to do likewise. Thankfully, even the current pathetic administration isn't that stupid.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Sort Of Homecoming

D'Town come to Cork today for the first time since 2002, and only the second time since I moved here 8+ years ago.

The season hasn't gone as well as I'd expected - a combination of horrific refereeing decisions and horrific defending denying us the points we should have earned.

But we should have beaten Cork at home earlier this year so hopefully we'll put that right in the home of the langers tonight.

I would love it!

After that I think I'll go watch Transformers. Optimus Prime is meant to be class in it. If he doesn't get an Oscar this time around I'll be absolutely disgusted.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Is England

With all the excitement in Ireland the fact that the Brits managed to elect two BNP MEPs had slipped my mind.

Dickheads. Anyone who voted for them should have their votes taken off them, or be injected with Swine Flu or something.

'Communities Secretary John Denham told BBC Radio 4's The World At One: "We've got to make it very clear that we want to hear what those voters are saying."'

You want to hear them saying they're racist cunts? Well they have. So now what are you going to do?

Monday, June 08, 2009

Dreadlock Holiday

That came round very quickly... so much water under my bridge since then...

Money constraints mean a trip to the cricket isn't really on for me but COME ON YOU GALLANT GAELS!

What a win! Johnston, Mooney & O'Brien!!

Twenty20 >>> Six 'Nations'

Somebody Got Murdered

Hah! Good enough for the bastards. Should have been more.

Safe European Home

Happy days!

Neither Shinner has made it and furthermore both cliche machine McDonald, AND the intellectually retarded Kathy Sinnot, who disgraced herself taking part in that stunt with Irish hating UKIP MEPs after the Lisbon vote last year, losing the seats they had.

It's quite impressive to be a high profile opposition politician and still manage to lose your seat when the government parties are taking a pasting. And Beardy remains completely clueless on all things money related.

Just as good is the news that creepy Ganley hasn't won a seat and is supposedly sticking by his pledge to extricate himself from public life.

I'm happy Joe Higgins has gotten a seat. I don't agree with his politics, but at least he's capable of articulating his principles... at least he has principles... and at least he's a real public representative (unlike the aforementioned chancer).

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Complete Control

The talk is of 'meltdown' and of a 'tsunami' but, to be honest I'm amazed that first of all the turnout in these elections was only 55% odd and second that 25% of those voters still saw fit to vote for Fianna Failed.

That one quarter of the people who could be bothered voting voted for Fianna Failed is depressing.

55% is a miserable turnout, all things considered. Most people finish work slightly earlier on Fridays, the weather was good and, most importantly, the opportunity to make our voices heard was there. It’s about time that laziness and self-interest masquerading as ‘disillusionment with politics’ is highlighted for the nonsense it is.

The only excuse for that turnout would have been FF voters ‘abstaining’ and a complete collapse in their vote. Instead their loyalists and those impressed by dynastic pothole fixers have still turned out - the people have chosen to let Fianna Failed off the hook.

As bad as it is for them it should have been worse. There'll be no sea change in this country and Capitalism is not dead. We’re destined for perpetual centre-right government. Genuine Social Democracy will never attract more than 25% of the electorate when push comes to shove.

The only real choice we have at elections is to decide who we want taking our money off us and what they intend doing with it.

Meanwhile both the gun-runner's daughter and Mary Lou Tedious have polled well for the Shinners. Hopefully they'll lose out on transfers. Fingers crossed.
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