Thursday, May 28, 2009


An English Company called Neal's Yard Remedies, which sells 'ethical skin and bodycare products' is the subject of the Grauniad's Ethical Living Blog 'You Ask, They Answer' this week.

I'm guessing the questions being asked weren't exactly what they were expecting!

I think my favourite question is right down the end. It asks: "From the Neals Yard website [it states that] 'Remedies in the 30th potency should be repeated only once or twice, preferably at eight hour intervals. In more severe, acute situations, the 200th potency may be administered once - this should not be repeated'. If I overdose on homeopathic remedies what should I do? Should I contact a homeopath or qualified medical personnel?"

Indeed. Maybe it's called drowning?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Somebody Got Murdered

"A murder inquiry was launched after a 49-year-old man died following the fatal assault in the Coleraine area of Co Derry. Kevin McDaid was fatally injured when a large group of loyalists, armed with sticks, drove into a housing estate following football matches in Scotland involving Rangers and Celtic."

Diseased shithole of a cuntry.

And Scottish football is a pile of worthless shite too.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Egg-Chasing Time

So the mighty men of Ireland's east are the latest Heineken Cup winners. Furthermore they did it without boring anyone to death, which makes a nice change.

One thing must be asked though - who were Boring Munster playing on Saturday? There seemed to be plenty of them knocking around in Edinburgh, squeezed into their jerseys and demanding attention for being Munster fans. Had they a friendly on or something?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


After the Lisbon referendum last year I started to notice that whenever some whackjob had a letter consisting of anti-'establishment', pseudo-patriotic nonsense published in the national press, said whackjob invariably gave their name as gaeilge.

Well today's Irish Times has a letter from a COILÍN ÓhAISEADHA of Bóthar Inse Chór, Cill Mhaighneann, Baile Átha Cliath 8 (that's Kilmainham in Dublin 8, in case you didn't twig) full of conspiracy theory into the Corrib Gas project...

"It may be bizarre to speculate that a group of masked Shell sympathisers might have taken a digger to tear the fence down, but no more bizarre than the findings of the Morris tribunal that members of the Garda Síochána in Donegal planted a hoax bomb..." etc...

This straw man rubbish in response to an article in Monday's paper, which quite reasonably asks what really happened Rossport loon Willie Corduff who, it was claimed, 'was kicked and hit “with large batons” and “forcibly removed by the masked Shell security into an adjacent field where he was then knocked to the ground, kicked and beaten”. Corduff said: “I thought they were trying to kill me. They beat me until I stopped moving. I heard one of them say, ‘Stop now lads, he’s nearly finished’.”

Of course they did, that's why no one has seen any injuries... Jesus wept.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Egg-Chasing Time

Even when it's about Leinster it is, in fact, still all about Boring Munster.

It'd be nice to think they'd get over themselves but that's just me being foolish.

Apparently there were 1,000 of them at the English club final last Sunday, singing their little dirge: The Fields of Athenry... Ugh...

English Civil War

The word 'disgrace' is bandied about far too much. Sign of a simple mind I think.

Just saying.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


EDIT: It turns out there were 'up to' 100 people involved in the protest. Or, to put it another way 'less than'...

Those gobshites in Mayo decided to have another protest last night and decided to deliberately provoke a confrontation with the Gardaí by announcing in advance that they were going to pull down some security fencing.

The protest was widely advertised on the usual bunch of whackjob anti-everything websites so the scene was set for some serious argy-bargy... except only about 150 people turned up! Obviously the busloads of shinner thugs and hippy halfwits they used to use to bulk up their numbers had something better to do last night.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway, said the demonstration was about sending a message to the Government about the local community's opposition to the pipeline coming ashore. They sent a message alright, just not the one they hoped for.

Seven people were arrested, although judging by the smiles on these Guards' faces it must have been for an act of supreme comedy (like turning up in the first place):

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Silver And Gold

While Fianna Fail (fada deliberately omitted) are, rightly, taking all the blame for the mess they've gotten the country into a side comment usually made is that Ireland's 'low tax model' has been discredited. So on top of leaving many of Ireland's 30-somethings living in badly built shoeboxes in the middle of nowhere, the property craziness could be responsible for undoing all the good work that breathed life into this country in the first place.

The fact remains that producing goods and services that both foreign and domestic consumers want to pay for is the best way to run our economy.

Low, but reasonable, taxes on those businesses facilitates competitive pricing and protects jobs. Low, but reasonable, taxes on employee incomes SHOULD facilitate wage restraint (further protecting competitiveness) and should facilitate low, controlled inflation.

Maximising the total tax take is what matters, not maximising what you can take from the individual.

Celtic Tiger 1.0 got old and started to die at the turn of the century. Irish full-time employment in manufacturing and internationally traded services fell 10,297 in the period 2000-2007. But we didn’t notice because, after the mini-recession of 2002, we had Celtic Tiger 2.0 - the property boom that masked what was really going on. Direct employment in construction rose from 126,000 in early 1998 to 282,000 in December 2006. The nonsense of the last few years made us forget all that got us into our healthy position and we ended up in a spiral of rising prices, rampant consumerism and excessive wage demands across all sectors.

It would be a shame if the genuinely good ideas that kickstarted the economy in the 90s took the blame for a crash caused almost entirely by the herd’s infatuation with owning property and getting rich easily.

Nostalgia for the Ireland of January 1st 2007 is not a good thing.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dirty Day

Obviously living in Cork my opportunities to watch D'Town are fairly limited. So MNS on Monday nights on RTE 2 is obligatory viewing for me.

Last Friday we played Bohs and got spanked 5-0. But the lads who go to the games and keep me up to speed with calls and texts were absolutely incensed with what had gone on.

Well tonight I saw why (link for 4th May, first match shown) - an utter disgrace of a performance from the referee (a clueless Cork clown called Buttimer).

Watch the video, it's an education. Bohs' midfield hatchet man Paul Keegan goes straight through Chris Turner's knee and should walk. Incredibly Keegan doesn't even get booked and Harpal Singh gets a yellow for protesting.

Two minutes later Singh slides in for a challenge that wasn't even close to Keegan's, gets a second yellow and walks. Two incidents, two minutes, game over.

20 minutes later Michael Daly is stretchered off and ends up in hospital, after Dundalk had made three substitutions. Why? Because Paul Keegan, who shouldn't even have been on the pitch, jumped straight into his ankle with both feet. And guess what? Not only did he still not see red, not only did he still not even see yellow the ref didn't even blow for a foul.

We finished with 9 instead of 11 because of Buttimer, Bohs finished with 11 instead of 10. The cowardice and incompetence of LoI refs is a scandal. We probably would have lost anyway, which actually makes me more angry about what transpired although the manager Pat Fenlon has to be one of the nastiest knackers in Irish football. So you can see where his players take their cue from.

It's a long time since anything in football has had me in such a rage.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Egg-Chasing Time

Oh happy days!

Oh happy days!!

Oh happy days!!!

I am so going to enjoy this...

P.S. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are a number of nasty cunts playing for Munster. None more so than Alan Quinlan.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Egg-Chasing Time

Tomorrow's mockery doesn't seem to be getting quite so much attention as first-time around.

Maybe it's just being taken for granted that Boring Munster will grind out a customary victory.

Maybe the novelty of winning a competition heavily skewed in your favour is starting to wear off.

Or maybe the hype is all around, just like last time, and I've just become immune to it.

Still, if I'm lucky, Leinster will win and I'll get to do some quality sniggering.
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