Monday, August 10, 2009

Overpowered By Funk

I've finally realised why I've been to very few small gigs this year (all I've really done is go to Elbow in Wembley in March and U2 in Paris in July. I'm also going to Muse in the Dublin O2 in November) - the beer brands haven't been sponsoring anything this year. There's been no Bud Rising and no Heineken Green Energy. Coupled with a decision I made to stop going to Dublin for midweek gigs, all of a sudden I have had very little to go to. Besides, I have a feeling that I'm on the verge of entering a late 90's esque period of underwhelment with regards to new music. There's so much being raved about that just doesn't float my boat. Only the Friendly Fires album has proved to be a pleasant surprise.
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