Monday, July 27, 2009

Complete Control

The Daily Mail - the paper whose daily existence is pre-occupied by immigrants, house prices and all the things in the world that will either kill or cure you.

And so today we have:
'Do you ever feel as if The Authorities are doing their damnedest to scare us all to death?... When raising the threat alert for swine flu from level four to five in April, Margaret Chan, head of the World Health Organisation, declared that 'all of humanity is under threat'...

'While sadly, at the time of writing, 31 people have died in the UK after contracting the virus, as many as 29 of them had other underlying, life-threatening conditions. That means there have been as few as two deaths solely caused by the swine flu virus. Two! T. W. O. Six thousand people die from normal flu every year in Britain.'

Ah those dastardly, irresponsible, scaremongering 'Authorities'.

Apropos of not much, here's a headline from The Daily Mail on May 1: 'How swine flu could be a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear warfare.'
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