Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All I Want Is U2

The gig in Paris was fantastic - pretty much from start to finish.

New tracks Breathe, No Line on the Horizon and Magnificent were all excellent, while Get On Your Boots is an infinitely better song played live. The old favourites were class as usual and seeing Unforgettable Fire and, in particular, Ultraviolet live was fantastic.

U2 'in the round' also worked very well - the stage is architecturally very impressive and the people in the farthest away seats all seemed very happy. Some difference from being 150 yards away in Croke Park four years ago.

The break to talk to the ISS seems pointless, though, and In A Little While was used as an opportunity to take a whizz and get a drink. My main gripe, however, was that the utterly rank Unknown Caller, with the worst lyrics the band have ever put to paper is clearly some sort of new stadium anthem as far as the band is concerned - even talking about it in the programme. They need to be disavowed of that notion soon.

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