Monday, June 08, 2009

Safe European Home

Happy days!

Neither Shinner has made it and furthermore both cliche machine McDonald, AND the intellectually retarded Kathy Sinnot, who disgraced herself taking part in that stunt with Irish hating UKIP MEPs after the Lisbon vote last year, losing the seats they had.

It's quite impressive to be a high profile opposition politician and still manage to lose your seat when the government parties are taking a pasting. And Beardy remains completely clueless on all things money related.

Just as good is the news that creepy Ganley hasn't won a seat and is supposedly sticking by his pledge to extricate himself from public life.

I'm happy Joe Higgins has gotten a seat. I don't agree with his politics, but at least he's capable of articulating his principles... at least he has principles... and at least he's a real public representative (unlike the aforementioned chancer).
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