Sunday, June 07, 2009

Complete Control

The talk is of 'meltdown' and of a 'tsunami' but, to be honest I'm amazed that first of all the turnout in these elections was only 55% odd and second that 25% of those voters still saw fit to vote for Fianna Failed.

That one quarter of the people who could be bothered voting voted for Fianna Failed is depressing.

55% is a miserable turnout, all things considered. Most people finish work slightly earlier on Fridays, the weather was good and, most importantly, the opportunity to make our voices heard was there. It’s about time that laziness and self-interest masquerading as ‘disillusionment with politics’ is highlighted for the nonsense it is.

The only excuse for that turnout would have been FF voters ‘abstaining’ and a complete collapse in their vote. Instead their loyalists and those impressed by dynastic pothole fixers have still turned out - the people have chosen to let Fianna Failed off the hook.

As bad as it is for them it should have been worse. There'll be no sea change in this country and Capitalism is not dead. We’re destined for perpetual centre-right government. Genuine Social Democracy will never attract more than 25% of the electorate when push comes to shove.

The only real choice we have at elections is to decide who we want taking our money off us and what they intend doing with it.

Meanwhile both the gun-runner's daughter and Mary Lou Tedious have polled well for the Shinners. Hopefully they'll lose out on transfers. Fingers crossed.
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