Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dirty Day

Obviously living in Cork my opportunities to watch D'Town are fairly limited. So MNS on Monday nights on RTE 2 is obligatory viewing for me.

Last Friday we played Bohs and got spanked 5-0. But the lads who go to the games and keep me up to speed with calls and texts were absolutely incensed with what had gone on.

Well tonight I saw why (link for 4th May, first match shown) - an utter disgrace of a performance from the referee (a clueless Cork clown called Buttimer).

Watch the video, it's an education. Bohs' midfield hatchet man Paul Keegan goes straight through Chris Turner's knee and should walk. Incredibly Keegan doesn't even get booked and Harpal Singh gets a yellow for protesting.

Two minutes later Singh slides in for a challenge that wasn't even close to Keegan's, gets a second yellow and walks. Two incidents, two minutes, game over.

20 minutes later Michael Daly is stretchered off and ends up in hospital, after Dundalk had made three substitutions. Why? Because Paul Keegan, who shouldn't even have been on the pitch, jumped straight into his ankle with both feet. And guess what? Not only did he still not see red, not only did he still not even see yellow the ref didn't even blow for a foul.

We finished with 9 instead of 11 because of Buttimer, Bohs finished with 11 instead of 10. The cowardice and incompetence of LoI refs is a scandal. We probably would have lost anyway, which actually makes me more angry about what transpired although the manager Pat Fenlon has to be one of the nastiest knackers in Irish football. So you can see where his players take their cue from.

It's a long time since anything in football has had me in such a rage.
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