Sunday, May 10, 2009


EDIT: It turns out there were 'up to' 100 people involved in the protest. Or, to put it another way 'less than'...

Those gobshites in Mayo decided to have another protest last night and decided to deliberately provoke a confrontation with the GardaĆ­ by announcing in advance that they were going to pull down some security fencing.

The protest was widely advertised on the usual bunch of whackjob anti-everything websites so the scene was set for some serious argy-bargy... except only about 150 people turned up! Obviously the busloads of shinner thugs and hippy halfwits they used to use to bulk up their numbers had something better to do last night.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway, said the demonstration was about sending a message to the Government about the local community's opposition to the pipeline coming ashore. They sent a message alright, just not the one they hoped for.

Seven people were arrested, although judging by the smiles on these Guards' faces it must have been for an act of supreme comedy (like turning up in the first place):

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