Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You'll Never Walk Alone

Twenty years ago today I was in a pub in Forkhill Co. Down, ready to watch the FA Cup Semi-Final. I was 11 and all I really remember about the day is that they cut the live feed from Hillsborough on BBC1 and went to the News studio. Then the death toll seemed to rise by the minute - 'two', 'seven', '15' I think, 30-something, 50-something, 'over 80', '94'. I remember, too, that at the time I had always been a bit scared of the cages in football grounds and instinctively blamed them for the whole tragedy...

Last night's match was some game of ball. Ecstasy to agony to hope to resignation. Unreal to watch. The more deserving side came through the tie, no doubt, but the spanners praying that Liverpool were going to fall apart like ManYoo after last week's match hopefully know better now.
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