Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Y'see no matter what level of depravity and/or total fucking lunacy nordie psycho-killers subject the rest of us to, there's always some clich├ęd tosser who's in need of a bit of electro-shock:

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Ben wrote the following:
You talk of the north as is its some foreign country, shame on you and the other free staters who accept this lie.This is occupied Ireland and always will be Ireland no matter how many times the British...

Unfortunately for all of us he seems to have deleted it since, and Haloscan only email you the first bit of a posted comment, so that's only a flavour of the genius I've obviously missed out on.

EDIT: You'll see below that the full comment is available, along with some choice words for my good self, which had me sniggering up my sleeve.
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