Monday, March 16, 2009

One Day Like This

Went to Wembley to see Elbow on Saturday night. Awesome. Again.

Because of the related travelling I only saw the ManYoo Liverpool match last night but hallelujah it was only fantastic to watch! The exits appear to be well designed at OTT...

On the flipside D'Town has made a poor start to the season. Still it's early days and a good spanking for Shelbyville this weekend will ease the nerves.

But y'know the weather is good, the relentless bad news has eased off in the last week or so, U2 have a decent album out for a change and I can finally sit in my house on a day off and not feel like I'm faced with a mountain of DIY to get through.

Apart from those fucking assholes in the North life's good, really!
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