Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Day

That has been some week of sport for me - Liverpool thrashing ManYoo, who then go into mini-meltdown, D'Town thrash $helbyville, nice-guy Bernard Dunne comes back from humiliation to be a world champion and the egg-chasers end their hoodoo.

It's great for those players - O'Driscoll in particular - to finally get their Grand Slam. I'll just have to avoid the mountains of utter guff undoubtedly being spoken to maintain my levels of goodwill.

I wondered on Saturday how long it would take for someone to predict that finally doing something the other three serious teams, and even Scotland, have managed in the last ten years without much hoopla would be a cure for all the country's current woes. Well George Hook did it with some marvellous hyperbole less than ten minutes later.

P.S. I might not know much about the old egg-chasing. I do know, however, that Ireland spent most of the match offside!
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