Friday, February 27, 2009

A Sort Of Homecoming

On RTE Radio 1 this afternoon there was a vox-pop in Stockholm (for some reason) where the hack was asking local folk various questions about the Irish recession and the banking scandals.

Unsurprisingly the answers to questions like 'Have you heard of Seán Fitzpatrick?', 'Have you heard of Anglo Irish Bank?' and so on were mostly met with a short 'No' and I detected a hint of 'what the hell makes you think I'd know?' but that might have been just me.

The best answer I heard was to the question 'Have you heard of the Irish banking crisis?' The lady said 'doesn't the whole world have a banking crisis?'

I'd like to believe the woman was trying to say 'What makes you think your crisis is so bloody special?'

Seriously, what's the fascination with caring what foreigners think of us? Why do we have to be so precious that, somehow, our crisis has to be worse than everyone elses, just like we had to make a point of making our boom better than everyone elses?
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