Thursday, January 01, 2009

Radio Clash

I've had the radio on a lot the last couple of weeks and it is literally driving me nuts. No matter what station I put on (with the obvious exceptions of Newstalk or Lyric I suppose - but Christmas just doesn't seem the right time for them, somehow) I'm hearing the same crap set-list regurgitated over and over.

Only this minute taking a break at work I've thrown on Today FM to hear that bloody Killers song 'Human' with its excruciatingly pointless and inane "Are we human or are we dancer" line... Dancers you fucking idiot! Plural!! And it still makes no fucking sense!!!

The set-list consists of the following steaming pile of turd:

Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
Leona X-Factor some shite - Run (the Snow Patrol cover)
Alexandra X-Factor some other shite - Hallelujah (a-bloody-gain! And then they wheel out the Jeff Buckley version!)
Killers - Aforementioned Rubbish
The Script - Breakeven
Katy Perry (again) - Hot 'n' Cold
Kings of Leon (again; I hate them now) - Use Somebody
Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy (I REALLY hate this song)
Estelle - American Boy
Take That - Greatest Day
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

There - all you need to have a daytime radio show in Ireland. I now despise each and every one of the above songs and acts (if I didn't already). I like the radio when I'm knocking around, I prefer it to messing around with stereos and playlists when I have work to do. But I've hated the ridiculous repitition of the last few weeks

If I see any of them in public... Gits.

And would you believe, as I'm about to hit 'Publish', bleedin' 'Use Somebody' has just come on AGAIN, as has Katy Perry AGAIN.
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