Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Somebody Got Murdered

I must admit I knew this would happen. The murder in Dublin is every bit as bad as what happened in Limerick a few weeks ago. In fact, when you comprehend what appears to have happened - a 50 year old man, who had only ever been sound to the local kids, has been lured out of his house and down an alleyway by those same kids so that they could shoot him - it is possibly worse.

In fact the seriousness of what is implied by this murder - that a subculture of teenage boys are drifting into crime with no fear of consequence - has been noted by those who report on and study crime. Crap-ass parenting has to be addressed. Expecting the police and the State to prevent all juvenile crime is a nonsense.

Yet the story isn't even the main headline in the news and the widespread palpable outrage and 'bring back internment' nonsense that followed the Limerick murder are notable only by their absence.

How many minute's silences is Aidan O'Kane going to get? After all, how many people remember those two Polish lads?...
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