Monday, November 10, 2008

Egg-Chasing Time

The Irish Rugby League team - made up of mostly second and third generation paddies - have, in the space of one match, shown up their fat-necked, over-hyped egg chasing brethren to be the national embarrassment they were in their so-called world cup.

Today Ireland are 80 minutes from a semi-final match with the most skilful rugby team in the world, Australia. They shouldn't and probably won't beat Fiji. But like our glorious cricketers last year they have stepped up to the plate against theoretically better opposition, given their all and achieved genuinely thrilling results.

And will you find any mention of that fact in today's Irish Times? Well I can't. But there's plenty about that mud-wrestling pile of nonsense that was the goys in green versus 15 fat lumberjacks. Laughably referred to as 'a fair test', by the same paper on the day of the match.
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