Saturday, September 27, 2008

Complete Control

I might have to stop reading Ian O'Doherty. Yet again he's rehashed an old urban legend for his column. Piss poor...

'This column was recently criticised by Age Action for being mean to old codgers everywhere.
Actually, they originally made the complaint 18 months ago but their spokesman forgot where he put the envelope and it took a while to get here.

But not all old people are a useless drain on our resources (just most of them), and 81-year-old Australian Ava Estelle is currently our favourite person in the world.

After her granddaughter was raped by two men, Ava went all Charles Bronson on their ass.
After spending a week hunting down the men, she found them -- and promptly shot their balls off.

One of the rapists lost both testicles and his penis, while doctors managed to save the other rapist's mangled member but said "he won't be using it the way he's used to ever again".

After turning herself in to the police, the local police chief commented: "It's hard to throw an 81-year-old into jail. Particularly when three million people in this city want her to nominate her for mayor."'

From Snopes: 'This February 2000 e-mail is a fanciful tale of imagined revenge and nothing more...'
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