Thursday, September 11, 2008

Complete Control

A couple of years ago I went on a rant about the nonsense 'reporting' of the Irish Times' Lorna Siggins in relation to the Shell to Sea shite. It was bloody obvious back then that this 'reporter' was entirely on the side of the NIMBYs and she has consistently dressed up her reports to be sympathetic to them.

Well now Maura Harrington, the school principal who has been off on a sickie for I don't know how long, is on hunger strike. Interestingly she claimed on the radio yesterday, during a hilarious interview on the Last Word (two minutes in), that she would only call off her hunger strike if the captain of the gas-pipeling laying ship communicated his intention to leave Irish waters... to one Lorna Siggins of the Irish Times.

Today's Irish Times mentions the ongoing protest and Ms Harrington's 'hunger-strike'. But interestingly makes no mention of her terms for ending it. That they have allowed their reporter to be compromised in this way, and effectively hoodwinked their readers, is a disgrace, frankly.
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