Wednesday, August 27, 2008

White Riot

What's up with RTE reporting about Travellers kicking lumps out of each other recently? As in they seem to have decided to completely ignore the fact that these people *are* actually Travellers when reporting on the latest 'feud':

From RTE:

'A man remains in a serious but stable condition at Cork University Hospital following a stabbing incident in Tralee earlier today. The man, who is understood to be from the Mitchell's area of the town, was in Denny Street at around 1.30am this morning when he was stabbed in the face. He was initially treated at Kerry General Hospital before being transferred to Cork. Gardaí believe the attack relates to an ongoing dispute between two families in the town.'

From the Heddled:

'The attack happened shortly after newlycrowned Rose of Tralee Aoife Kelly was brought to the centre of the town for a midnight presentation. She had just been taken back to the festival dome to continue the celebrations when up to 30 men began brawling on the streets. The trouble began after a row broke outbetween two local traveller families. "It's the same thing every year," said [a] witness. "They all come into the centre of town looking for trouble and they always get it. There's just too much drinking going on and things just escalate. There was a big gang of them and a pair of them suddenly started fighting. The next minute, one guy had another man on the ground and stabbed him in the back of the neck with the bottle. There was blood all over the street. Then I saw a woman wading into the crowd, waving the stiletto of her shoe, about to go for the guy..." It is understood that both the victim and the suspect are from the Travelling community.'

It was the same after the mass brawl feuding Travellers had in Mullingar, where the only admission at all to the fact the scrotes involved were Travellers was when a reference was made to the Gardaí: 'the dispute may have been triggered by what they described as a 'king of the tinkers-style' fist fight.' Again it's 'Residents in the area say a major dispute has been underway between two feuding families for several months but only escalated into serious violence today.' Traveller families, right?

Again it was the same after the fights in Waterford Regional Hospital: 'Three men were injured when a pellet gun was discharged yesterday evening, and another man was stabbed a number of times with what is believed to have been a hatchet. At least six men were treated in hospital for injuries relating to these and other incidents, which are believed to centre on a row between two families. At one stage, armed gardaí were on duty at Waterford Regional Hospital, fearing an escalation of the violence.'

And we have the shooting in Galway: 'The court was told that a 21-year-old man, who was sitting in the passenger seat of a van parked at Whitestrand Road, sustained very serious injuries when fired on at point-blank range Mr McDonagh pleaded not guilty to both charges.
Detective Sergeant Willie Beirne said he believed the sho'oting was part of an ongoing feud between two families living in the city.
No mention, once more, that he, or his victim, were Travellers.

So what's the aversion to saying they're Travellers? You know, when they are actually Travellers every single time 'feuding families' gets mentioned (unless, maybe, they're talking about Limerick).
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