Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Overpowered By Funk

Just back from a week in Holland at Lowlands...
  • Elbow were class and my favourite part of the festivals; Blood Red Shoes, Yeasayer, The Ting Tings, The National were my other highlights.
  • Sex Pistols were great, and not the pantomime I was afraid they'd be.
  • The Fratellis, The Kooks, British Sea Power were all a bit... meh.
  • Grub and facilities were class - decent range of food stalls, clean flushing toilets and hot showers
  • Booze and food worked out slightly cheaper than the Irish festivals, but not by much.
  • And you didn't have to pay for the bus transfers or the programme.
  • The merchandise was shite, though. Probably better off!
  • The Dutch are complete dorks.
  • They were also, amazingly, filthy. The campsite was trashed with litter within three hours of opening, people seemed quite happy to sit among mounds of garbage including half-eaten food and people openly chucked the remains of their food and drink on the ground within touching distance of empty bins.
  • Still, I'm loving the idea of travelling for festivals. If I wasn't totally averse to mud Glastonbury would be on the cards. But Exit in Serbia or Benicassim in Spain are the most likely destinations.
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