Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Silver And Gold

It's recession time. Today's Irish Times editorial claims that "[t]he economy's swift reversal of fortune has caught all off balance." It hasn't. I'm no economist (didn't even study it for the Leaving Cert) and I saw this coming 15 months ago. Fianna Fáil really should have thrown the election that time, like I thought they would. Although Teflon Taoiseach Bertie's timing seems to have been absolutely impeccable!

All the eternal optimists (who had nothing at all to gain from ordinary people spending money they didn't have, of course) told us there was supposed to be a soft landing but someone seems to have taken away the pillows.

Still, this should coincide nicely with an upturn in our football fortunes. Especially if we get Lisbon forced through. Because what do you need to be good at international football? That's right - poverty and dictatorship!
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