Sunday, June 22, 2008

Safe European Home

A response to Paddy...

"It would be nice if you had some original thoughts instead of regurgitating the usual 'Yes' shite. Oh, and how about a bit of respect for voters who don't share your own tired perspective (it's called democracy, by the way)."

Bollox Paddy.

Why should I respect the voters? I firmly believe they have made the wrong decision. Do YOU believe that the voters are always right? Were they right in the '80s to reject divorce and somehow also right ten years later to accept it? I must accept the result, which is entirely different to respecting it.

What kind of fucking tyranny do you believe in where 50% -1 have to accept the decision of 50% +1 without a murmur? Does the decision of voters mean I have to alter my opinion? Change my perception of reality?

Do you know that both the Nazis and Fascists effectively sidelined parliament for plebiscite in the name of 'democracy'?

If referendum is democracy why don't we run the country that way? If the people of the North were asked to vote on Civil Rights for Catholics in 1968 and they rejected it owing to their unionist majority would you respect their 'democracy' today?

Maybe I have no 'original thoughts' because I have the right thoughts. I don't need to tell lies to halfwits to get what I want.

But here's an 'original thought'. Suppose the EU wants to legislate for a minimum Research and Development spend, for example, in order to compete better with the US and Asia. Backward thinking national governments don't like investing in R&D because there's no obvious short-term gain to help win the next election.

So the EU would (once again) be doing its citizens a favour - thinking long-term about jobs and people's well being instead of just about winning the next election. Under Lisbon the EU could possibly get such a measure through despite the objections of the skin-saving few. Instead we have just voted to allow a Malta or a Latvia, for example, blow such a move out of the water (possibly influenced by the yanks) even if every other nation wanted to vote it through. Obviously the individual governments *could* go it alone and vote in such a measure themselves but why would they - it's not a vote winner?

It's a crude example, but maybe it's a 'thought' to get your bigger-picture juices flowing?
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