Friday, June 13, 2008

Safe European Home

The 'No' campaign appears to have won. Holy fuck.

This really is a country of complete mutton-heads. People who decided to vote 'no' apparently did so because they 'didn't understand the treaty'. Fuck sake. If you're too fucking lazy to make a bit of an effort to find out what it's about, then stick to voting on fucking reality-TV shows, which is clearly as far as your intellect stretches. Fucking halfwits.

Then there's the people who voted 'no' simply because they didn't like being told to vote 'yes'. What a bunch of precious cunts.

People who actually chose to side with a mishmash of self-serving gobshites (imagine that Ganley creep and the fucking Shinners in bed together for God's sake), who did all the scaremongering themselves, then threw the scaremongering accusation all 'round the place like shite in a zoo.

People who go on about 'losing' a Commissioner as if they're just more parochial pothole fixers when the whole point of the Commission is to serve the EU as a whole, not fix said potholes in each commissioner's home country.

People who go on about 'Ireland getting a better deal' as if they'll go back to some negotiating table somewhere with us on one side and the rest on the other asking us what we want... What DO we fucking want?

There should be no real surprise if we say 'no'. That's all we're fucking good for in this country. No to fucking everything unless it lines our fucking pockets somehow. We're no fucking worse now than all that Murdoch-driven, Tory anti-Europe crap that goes on in England. We're closer to that old git Paisley than we realise.

The coverage of this bullshit is going to be fucking nauseating. As if the 'Irish people' rejected the treaty because of some 'grand disillusionment with the EU project' or some such utter wank. Or, even worse, the government will actually pander to that 'not enough information' rubbish. Seriously you should be made take a 'prove you're not a fucking idiot' test before being given a vote. I think I'll go to bed for a week.
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