Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Man And A Woman

'A new survey published today shows that women on average work about 39 minutes longer per day, when both unpaid and paid work are taken into account... The report, published jointly by the ESRI and the Equality Authority, shows the disparity between genders is most pronounced in childcare...

'Women spend more time on domestic activities like cleaning and cooking, while men tend to do house repairs and gardening. Women spend more time on the physical care and supervision of children, while men spend a much greater proportion of their time on "social childcare" such as playing...'

In other news the Pope is actually a Catholic and some bears are believed to have shit in some woods.

But seriously if this is another move to force the government to pay housewives a 'wage' they can fuck right off. More than enough of my taxes pay for other people's social welfare as it is. I'm damned if I'm going to contribute to a wage so some other bloke's wife can stay home with the kids.
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