Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Time, Another Place

If, like me, you have the poor sense to read the Letters pages of the national broadsheets (and, worse, let the opinions of the contributors bother you) then here's a simple rule of thumb: people who give their names and addresses in Irish are usually dingbats and should be laughed at. Take some of today's contributions...

In the Irish Times Fionntáin Ó Súilleabháin from Loch Garman writes: "A Chara, - Friday 13th proved to be a very lucky day for the Irish, for the 99.3 per cent of Europe denied a vote and for democracy in general..."

Piaras Mc Éinrí from Corcaigh contributes, as does Seán O'Ceallaigh from Dublin (not Baile Atha Cliath, disappointingly) who writes: "As for the charge that we are being ungrateful for all the benefits we have secured from Europe in the past, Mr Cowen might remind them of the immense debt which Europe in turn owes to Ireland. During the Dark Ages, when Europe was a spiritual wasteland, it was Irish missionaries who revived Christianity there and it was Irish saints who, by copying the ancient manuscripts, enabled the classical and religious heritage to be saved while many libraries on the continent were lost forever. - Is mise..." Hmmm, well Jesus is probably weeping right now.

In the Irish Independent Ciarán Mac Guill living in 'An Fhrainc' (or 'France' to normal people) writes: "Why take so much delight in a failed referendum? Because the democracy-loving Irish Government has consistently refused to give the vote to Irish citizens living in Lisbon, in Portugal and throughout the European Union."

And, luckily for Irish Independent readers, Fionntáin Ó Súilleabháin's letter appears there too!

Meanwhile the front page of the Indo gives the 'real reasons' for the treaty's defeat. Women, eh?

Did anyone else detect a fairly large collective 'Oops' the last couple of days?...
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