Sunday, May 11, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

As I sit here sipping a fine port that I've been nursing since my wee trip to Portugal five weeks ago I think about today's football and I think about how, back in 1999 when ManYoo jammed their way to that treble (Bergkamp you twat... Munich you twats...), I guessed that it would be at least 2010 before they passed Liverpool's 18 English titles. Well back then 2010 seemed like a hell of a long way away. It doesn't anymore...

Meanwhile, after today's match, here's some food for thought:

Fact one: Man Yoo have had one penalty given against them in the League all season, in a game they subsequently lost.

Fact two: Man Yoo have had two players red-carded all season. Both were for head-butts, which means that, officially, in 38 games of football, not a single Manchester United player is considered to have commited two bookable offences or denied a clear goal-scoring opportunity.

They say refereeing decisions balance themselves out over the season, don't they?

Meanwhile I'm watching an excellent South Bank Show about David Peace's The Damned United... there's really only one damn united...
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