Thursday, May 01, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

You know what, I'm kinda glad Liverpool went out last night. Beating Inter and beating Arsenal was exceptional. And for a while last night, midway through the second half, beating Chelski was on the cards too. In fact if they'd really gone for it and tried to finish them off after Torres' equaliser, instead of playing for Extra Time and allowing Chelski regroup, I think they would have.

But ManYoo, the Boring Munster of English football, would have beaten Liverpool in a final in all honesty - and that's just a level of pain I never want to endure. The gits seem to have their name on the cup this year with their spawny draws and constantly escaping with awful away performances. Besides way too many of Liverpool's players are scarily mediocre for that level anyway - mostly out wide. Rafa needs to buy a bit more quality and a bit less quantity to have any hope of competing next season.

Still, D'Town could go 8-points clear tonight. That has me happy.
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