Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Silver And Gold

When I was a six year old all I wanted was a Henry Hippo to save my few (but ridiculously large in hindsight) 10p and 20p coins in; and, of course, the free junk that went with opening the account. But I never did get my Henry Hippo. I was stuck with a boring old Bank of Ireland account and a boring old plastic lorry moneybox...

Anyway the fat git is back and apparently his name was Henri Hippo all the time - Henri with an 'i'... wouldn't that make him On-ree Hippo?... Obviously the kids who so loved their Henrys back in the day are all of child-bearing hips now, so the plan must be to pass off their nostalgia onto their young 'uns. Very clever. If I had a sprog I'd probably do what I should have done 24-years ago.
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