Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Safe European Home

Having already made my mind up to vote Yes to the Lisbon Treaty because Sinn Fein want me to vote 'No' any lingering doubts have been well and truly squashed by now.

I haven't heard one cogent argument by anyone pushing a 'No' vote that doesn't sound like hysterical scaremongering; that actually uses irrefutable facts; or that has been backed up by actually quoting the parts of the treaty that are supposed to force abortion / war / taxes / unemployment or any of the rest of it on us.

You don't need to read the treaty. All you have to do is get those halfwits to open it up and show you exactly where it says, in black and white, that we will be obliged to send the men who died for our freedom and low corporation tax to fight in Chad on behalf of the French. Or something.
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