Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Egg-Chasing Time

The interviews with former Leinster backs coach, David Knox, are only hil-arious. Really fabulous stuff...
"I have been here for three years and I have never seen him create
space for anybody. Yet over here he ranks with
Dan Carter
as the best fly-half in the world. I have never heard such rubbish."

"Munster's record is fantastic but you can't tell me they play anything
but 10-man rugby. Unfortunately, players can't just switch on style play when
they get into the international arena. Munster get 30 points on the board by
grinding away and when the other team is shot, they try and throw the ball
around a bit. Then people say, what a great team. It's rubbish."

However even funnier is the outraged reaction of the rugger fraternity to what he said. Trying to work out which journo, ex-player or general hanger-on has the most sand in their vagina over the whole thing is just highly entertaining.

In fact Knox said a lot of similar things a couple of years ago and no one seemed to notice then.
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