Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

I fully expect Arsenal to dump liverpool out of Europe tonight. One reason - Pepe Reina. His poor positioning / flapping in recent weeks is directly responsible for four of the last five goals Liverpool have conceded. If Arsenal score early I'd expect them to get a second, meaning Liverpool would need three. That's pretty much what I think will happen.

ManYoo should go through easily enough but with both first-choice centre halfs out (so it appears - they're probably lying) maybe now, finally, is the time for an overdue wobble. Unlike the other three 'big' teams in England, they've had a settled, fit, first choice defence all season. Uber-kunt Gary Neville no longer counts.

Interesting interview with Royston Keane in the Irish Times on Saturday. It included this gem: 'For instance he pays some attention now to the wisdom of crowds. A few weeks ago against Everton in the Black Cats' own backyard he heard a voice behind him having a pop. He swivelled around and caught the end of the it. "Playing for 75 minutes with one up front and it isn't effin working ya . . ." His face darkened and then. "Do you know what? He was spot on. We had five in the middle and one up front and it wasn't working. It's like that. He was right. I don't always agree but a lot of time fans are spot on.'

Jebus, I said the same thing. It wasn't exactly rocket surgery. Yet Tom Humphries has the gall to suggest a few lines later that he's 'perhaps the brightest young manager in the game' !!!

They move on to talk about the All Blacks: 'He has long been interested in the All Black's warrior tradition and the Haka. "If the Haka didn't inspire you before a game what could," he wonders.' Humphries clearly too scared to share his real opinions on egg-chasing. Nonetheless I shouldn't be surprised that Royston is mightily impressed by the Riverdance for Wife Beaters.

P.S. Royston slagging off Chippy - a real ledge - is bang out of order. End of.

I saw last night that Boring Munster won. Pity. They'll beat Saracens too, you would think. The Kwik-Fit fitters must have been on overtime trying to fix up the Sundireland and Munster bandwagons at the same time. I only heard they won yesterday because all the bars where I was for the weekend (the Algarve) were showing Leeds v Wigan in Skilful Rugby after the Arsenal v Liverpool game. Incidentally a quick sconse at the post-match Munster brown-nosing seems to have completely ignored the fact that the same Gloucester side have lost eight of their 12 matches since the New Year while the pampered Munster lads were getting a nice rest in the apple juice League...
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