Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Leader

Ooh! Bertie's gone!! The man who has lead the country for almost my entire adult life.

I honestly believe the man was/is not corrupt. At most he's guilty of tax avoision and probably trying to screw his estranged wife out of alimony (the real reason for all those lump sum donations in the early '90s, I'm sure).

As politicians in this country go I don't think he's anywhere near being the worst and, regardless of what the revisionists would have us believe now that the inevitable downturn has arrived, he did preside over policies that gave nearly every section of society access to a better life than had ever been possible in Ireland before. Just because there will always be problems and certain people marginalised doesn't mean that doesn't still hold true.

Seeing some of his lackeys almost in tears is quite funny though.
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