Thursday, April 17, 2008

If Music Could Talk

... it might ask why the hell Cork people don't realise just how many great gigs local promoters are providing for them? Yet again a non-mainstream band that, nonetheless, anyone who even reads the music supplements in the national press will still have heard good things about, turns up to play in Cork and, yet again, there's about 50 people there.

This time it was for the Green Day-esque (but superior) Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, who have nearly 5 million plays scrobbled on (if that means anything!). If the bloody Frank and Walters played the same set 15 nights in a row the place would probably sell out every single time. What's more annoying is that the utterly gash line-up at this year's Live at the Marquee is both a) ridiculously expensive and b) selling out anyway. I mean Dolly Parton for God's sake...

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