Sunday, March 30, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

I said somewhere that Everton were starting to look tired and that after their first 11 there's not much there. I think that's been proved in spades in the last couple of weeks. That was one hell of a very easy 1-nil derby win. Torres the ledge!

It's worth noting that the Premier League's best referee, Howard Webb, showed a yellow card the first time an Everton player decided to take a lump out of Torres - Carsley in the 7th minute. The rest of them didn't dare try it after that. Or else they couldn't catch him. It was in stark contrast to that fussy coward Steve Bennett in Old Trafford who watched ManYoo's players kick Torres around the place only a week after the whiskey-soaked Fergie demanded protection for Ronaldo and booked Torres, who can hardly speak English, for having the cheek to complain about it. But it was nice to see the football press have their priorities right last week all the same.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that I'm accused of 'anti-Roy Keane bias' for pointing out that spending 48 million quid to barely escape relegation would have any other manager at risk of losing his job, I was delighted to see Fatty Reid score that injury time winner yesterday. Like I said - I'm a big fan.

On Friday night Boring Munster bored their way to victory over the poor mouths of Connacht in front of about 5,300 in Galway. This game got a full front-page report in the Irish Times on Saturday. On Saturday night Cobh Ramblers played Cork City in the first Cork derby in the League in 11-years in front of a 4,000 all ticket sell-out in St Colman's Park. That evening's match didn't even warrant the usual font-zero, bottom corner of page-seven preview League of Ireland games normally warrant. Pathetic.

At least D'Town are now two points clear after only four games played. The totally unknown quantity that is Sporting Fingal are up next.
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