Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

Things were shaping up nicely - the 'pool had gone on a great run of form and, despite the begrudgers, were very impressive defeating one of the Champions League favourites in Inter Milan. Even Dion Fanning in the Sunday Independent wrote a decent article for once. Meanwhile D'Town have made a great start to the season as we, once again, try and get back to Premier Division football. Only three games in and we are already clear at the top.

Then comes Sunday. Sweet Jesus I hate Man Yoo...

Mascherano was a complete clown for what he did, but it all happened because of the furore after Ashley Cole midweek. You can clearly see Mascherano asking the ref, without attacking him, why Torres was getting a booking, considering Torres was getting kicked around by the Man Yoo players. Nonetheless he had been giving the ref grief up til that point so they can have no complaints.

I had the lads in the medal factory working overtime on Easter Sunday following Sundireland's spectacular first away win of the season! The wheels are back on the bandwagon!!
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