Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Sort Of Homecoming

Finally I'm home! My flight was cancelled on Monday and I ended up stranded in Newcastle overnight. There were no direct flights until Friday either, so I spent an hour scrambling around the internet looking for the best option. In the end I booked a train to Edinburgh and a flight from there yesterday afternoon. Of course that train ended up being over an hour late and, thanks to light traffic and a sound Edinburgh cabbie, I made check-in by the skin of my teeth.

Good weekend in Newcastle as usual, but that Sunderland game sucked big, juicy lemons. It was only dire stuff. The genius of Royston deciding to play one up front, at home, against bloody Everton. Coward. They could still be playing and the only way Sunderland would score would be if Tim Howard died of boredom. Apart from the goal I managed to capture the only remotely half interesting event of the match - Tim Cahill having a header deflected onto the post by Anthony Stokes:

As for the egg-chasers is there really anything left to say? It was like watching paint dry. Again. I loved the intro to the report. It said "Ireland were denied the Triple Crown by Wales on Saturday" That's one way of putting it, I suppose!!!. Still the delusions of grandeur continue...
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