Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If Music Could Talk

So back in November I purchased a new iPod because the old one seemed to have died. But what I didn't follow up with was the information that the old one was not dead after all - the USB cable was buggered. So then I had two iPods, although it has to be said my 2007 80GB model seemed a lot better than my 2004 20GB model.

However I noticed with the new iPod that the disc was making a whining noise as the various files were being accessed. At first I thought it was just one of those things but then it became a real pain in the arse. So I logged on to apple.com and registered the fault.

Now this, I think, is great service (or else I have low standards). Within two days of me logging the fault a UPS package, with instructions on how to wrap the iPod up for return, was delivered. The next day UPS returned to collect the old iPod when I phoned them, and tomorrow a brand new replacement will be delivered. All at no cost and very little effort to me at all. And the whole thing could be tracked on Apple's website.

So I have two iPods again. And an iPhone. Oh yeah, I just couldn't resist it! My sister was going to New York so I just decided 'fuck it' and got her to get me the iPhone. The new 16GB were sold out so I got an 8GB and bought a software 'jailbreak' programme for $7 on ebay, which had the AT&T lock removed in about five minutes. I'm now happily using my, pretty damn fab, new phone.

That might seem a bit overboard but the dollar is so weak it just seemed criminal NOT to take advantage!...

I'll probably give my 'new' iPod to my girlfriend now or something.
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