Friday, March 07, 2008


Away on my first StagWedding of the year (following the slightly ludicrous five stags and eight weddings in 2007) to Newcastle this afternoon. This will be my third stag in Newcastle in a year and AGAIN the stag has heard of Buffalo Joes, unfortunately. This time I'm going 'til Monday. I'm going to be in bits!

Anyway I'm going to the Sunderland v Everton match on Sunday, so I'll get to see the genius of Royston Keane (i.e. spending 48 million quid in an effort to be better than Derby, Fulham and Nirmingham) up close. Still I hope they win - I'm a big fan of Fattie Reid after all and Everton fans seem to be really getting well above their station right now!

On the other hand there'll be plenty of Boring Munster-esque schadenfreude should Sunderland lose. So it's a win-win situation for me!

I'll be in Newcastle when the barcodes are playing in Anfield tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be quietly celebrating.
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