Sunday, March 16, 2008

Egg-Chasing Time

It's hard to work out which of the Ireland egg-chasing cheerleaders seems to draw the most wishful of outrageous conclusions from the scant evidence before their eyes.

I think it would have to be Jim Glennon, though. After an ultimately straightforward victory over the crappest of the crap European teams that takes this nonsense half-seriously, he managed to write an article headed 'Dark Days Are Almost History'. For real.

That same newspaper's headlines following the subsequent matches?... 'Time to Face Up to Harsh Reality' and 'Error-Ridden Campaign Ends in Dismal Failure'.

I think I'll particularly enjoy listening to Newstalk's Off the Ball, which has no problem at all having a good sneer at the national football team but seems to have been holding whiny post-mortems about the rugger for what seems to be the best part of a year now.

This time last year they held a 'debate' between the afore-mentioned Glennon, the possibly slightly-retarded Roddy Collins and ten-a-penny hack Malachy Clerkin, on why rugger was now (i.e. early 2007), in their opinion, more popular than football. They'd look like some clowns trying it again now.
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