Thursday, February 21, 2008

Overpowered By Funk

These are The Dykeenies. I saw them last Friday night in Cork:

I took herself to Capella for lunch on Friday afternoon, before we hit town for the gig:

This is Tom Doorley's review of the place from last October:

'When the food hit the table it was clear that there was serious talent in
the kitchen. A salad of wafer-thin and suitably dry Parma ham with discs of
white peach and a mixture of watercress and rocket, dressed with the kind of
balsamic vinegar that does not put your teeth on edge, was confidently simple
and bloody good. It was much more than the sum of its parts. A risotto of
pumpkin with trompette mushrooms, thinly sliced confit duck gizzard and argan
oil was less obviously successful but not bad. Argan, by the way, is a
north-African nut, a bit like Col Gaddafi.

'The bald menu description "pan-fried halibut, lobster colcannon, lemon
parsley foam" translated into a brilliant main course. The fish was browned
outside and cooked impeccably à point within. And the colcannon was a buttery
amalgam of potato and lobster with no cabbage to overwhelm the seafood. This was one of the best things I've eaten in ages.'

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