Friday, February 01, 2008

Luminous Times

So after spunking £36 million sterling on 12 signings in the summer, Royston's Sunderland have made another four permanent signings for a total of about £8.3 million (the Mvoto fee is undisclosed, but rumoured to be 300K). Again there is no money from sales to offset expenditure.

As I said before 'Royston has the exceedingly good fortune of being able to spend his way out of trouble, unlike Derby et al' and I think he might just have managed exactly that.

Derby and Fulham are definitely goosed and on the way down, whereas Bolton and 'Boro have probably signed enough quality players to escape the drop. So I'm guessing it's between Brum, Sunderland and possibly Reading for the last relegation spot.

Birmingham have spent a net £4.9 million during the transfer window but only James McFadden seems a player of any quality. Reading have signed a pair of unkowns for undisclosed fees.

So surely after spending some £45 million this season Royston can't blow it? In the event of Sunderland's survival the spin will probably be that he's some sort of managerial genius, even though the reality is that he has simply thrown pots of cash around and just about found enough quality to be better than the likes of Derby County. Europe indeed...
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