Monday, February 04, 2008

If Music Could Talk

I is going to Lowlands!

I've had enough of getting drenched by unseasonable weather and having to dodge chavs at Oxegen.

I've had enough of the way Electric Picnic is a sell out before a single act is announced, just because people want to say they were there.

And most especially I've had enough of the ridiculous prices for, and at, both festivals.

So three days at Lowlands (a festival I've heard great things about) in mid August, for the low price of €131 after Ticketbastard get their cut, and return flights to Amsterdam for €155, seems like something to look forward to!

Actually I was more than a bit pissed off with Aer Lingus on this. The flights were only €68 return - before they added taxes of €63, a handling charge of €6 (what fucking handling?!?!) AND a baggage charge of €9 each way for one bag. Gits.
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