Sunday, February 17, 2008

Complete Control

It's not worth taking any credit for predicting it - considering how bloody obvious it was that it would happen - but the Sindo has not only managed to make an issue out of Trap's appointment, but they've splashed it all over the front page for good measure. Kudos to them for claiming an 'exclusive' on last Wednesday's news too. That probably took some quality angle grinding. Yet again what should be a good-news sports story is turning into a national drama.

Meanwhile my eye was taken by the following intro, also from said front page: 'I, too, am a flawed human being by Brendan O'Connor. Many of you will wonder why I have held my silence until now...'. It seems such an unlikely utterance from the biggest James Blunt in Irish print journalism (he of 'Robocop' fame) that it is probably the beginnings of yet another of his humorous interjections. But I don't intend finding out for sure.
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