Monday, February 18, 2008


If you have listened to Irish radio much recently, you may have heard ads for A Night In November, which is doing a run in the Olympia in Dublin. It's a one-man show starring Patrick Kielty, a stand-up comic (in name only) who ceased being funny sometime before 1997 (quite entertainingly he attempted a career resurrection last summer by deliberately making Madeleine McCann jokes in the hope of attracting negative publicity, any publicity, that might make him appear bleeding edge and restore some, long-since departed, credibility).

Anyway, when the ad reached the part where the voiceover quotes from theatre reviews in order to big the play up, I was caught by "...'He has undeniable energy and stage presence' - The Daily Telegraph...".

Straight away I thought 'that doesn't sound right... that DEFINITELY sounds odd...' figuring that the quote sounded like it may well have been taken out of 'con-text' (as the occasional Private Eye column puts it).

And indeed it was! That particular paragraph from the review actually reads: 'He has undeniable energy and stage presence, but lacks the virtuosity in impersonating the other characters... that Marty Maguire brought to the role... There is also an unfortunate smack of the smart alec about him. No one seems to be enjoying Kielty's performance quite as much as Kielty himself, and this, coupled with the self-congratulatory tone of the play itself, makes for an evening of near-intolerable smugness.'


In fact the title of the Telegraph review is 'A Night In November: Smug and Pointless'. The power of the interweb, huh? I should complain to the advertising standards crowd.

Just to hammer the point home, seeing as MCD don't actually use that Telegraph quote on their website, other blurbs lifted from reviews include: "'Glorious. Kielty holds the stage with persuasive comic energy' The Times", which is, when not taken out of context, 'Kielty exudes a glorious sense of release as a free man in New York. He holds the stage with persuasive comic energy. But he oversells the knotty moments. Talking about his fellow “Prods”, he is shrill and ungenerous. Playing Kenneth... calls for the virtuosity of a more experienced actor' in a 2-star review.

'Rave reviews' indeed MCD - you cheeky fuckers.

I'll make a confession - I'm just pissed off that I missed the chance to rub shoulders with all the 'Celebs in attendance [including] The Corrs Jim and Sharon Corr, Irish model Glenda Gilson [but of course], TV presenter turned actor Caroline Morahan, ‘You’re a Star’ Judge Brendan O’Connor, ‘You’re a Star’ Presenter Brian Ormond, RTE’s Blathnaid ni Chosaigh and Aidan Power and TV3 Xpose presenter Karen Koster.'

I'm dead jealous, so I am.
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