Monday, January 07, 2008

A Sort Of Homecoming

Ever hear of Sunderland? No? Funny, because back in August you'd swear they were about to conquer English football lead by that most gallant of Gaels, Royston Keane. Instead we're into twenty-o-eight (as I've decided to call it on a whim) and Sunderland are the only club in the bottom five of the Premier League not to have sacked a manager this season. That could have read bottom seven - only Spurs and Bolton have pulled away, slightly, after sacking the managers they started with.

It's also worth pointing out that Sunderland have spent more, a good bit more, than any of the clubs around them including spunking stg£9 million on 'keeper Craig Gordon only to end up with a goal difference of minus 20. Only woeful (and broke) Derby County are worse.

The fact is, if he wasn't Roy Keane, Sunderland's inept boss would be a laughing stock by now.

In that old post someone gave me a surgical dissection of all that's wrong with Irish football. He/she finished it with 'Sunderland for Europe!' There, in a nutshell, is proof that the average Irish punter really, really knows sweet fa about football.

Anyway today I paid up for a stag weekend I'm going on in March to Newcastle, which includes taking in Sunderland's home match against Everton (Jaysus...). I'm expecting plenty of leg room on the bandwagon...
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