Thursday, January 03, 2008

Silver And Gold

A little project I had for the 2007 was to analyse my spending to the penny, to see where all the cash was going. I'll share some of what I found...

Getting around is the most expensive part of my life:
Bloody car - €7,139 (Includes repayments on my '06 Leon, tax, insurance and one service).
Tolls and Parking - €240
Petrol - €1,709 (20,000-odd Kilometres)

And yet still I took other transport a fair bit:
Trains - €806
Buses - €122
Taxis - €560

Eating cost a bit:
Groceries - €2,191
Dining Out (includes take-aways, work canteen, coffee shops as well as restaurants) - €4,092

I had the other unavoidables:
Rent - €5,400
Mobile - €720
Cable - €300

And I had to enjoy myself, of course:
Nights Out - €3,735 (ouch!)
Tickets for gigs - €943
Going to said gigs (not including transport or food) - €1,156
Football matches, gambling (losses!) etc - €1,358

Generosity strikes me the odd time:
Gifts - €1,887
Charities - €813

And selfishness more often:
Clothes - €3,503 (suits and suit shirts for all those weddings killed me)
CDs, downloads and DVDs - €1,230
Papers, books and magazines - €499

I had to keep myself clean and healthy:
Toileteries - €480
Meds - €132 (I don't break down much!)
Barbers and hair stuff - €141

And finally travelling burned a big hole in the pockets. I had weekends in Edinburgh and London; Athens for the Champions League Final; and two weeks in France:
Air Travel - €1,775
Accomodation and Spending - €4,669

I'm guessing I could pare a few of those back. I'm way too generous to charities for a start...
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